How to partially read a file with C# .NET

Say you have a large file with a lot of text in it and you need to find a particular bit. One way could be to read the entire text into memory and search through it. Another, more memory-friendly solution is to keep reading the file line by line until the search term has been found.

Suppose you have a text file with the following random English content:

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Also suppose that you’d like to find the first occurrence of “formed”. The following code will do just that:

private static void ReadFilePartially()
	using (StreamReader streamReader = File.OpenText(@"c:\mydirectory\source.txt"))
		String searchString = "formed";
		bool searchStringFound = false;

		while (!searchStringFound && !streamReader.EndOfStream)
			string line = streamReader.ReadLine();
			if (line.Contains(searchString))
				Console.WriteLine("Search term {0} found in the following line:\n{1}", searchString, line);
				searchStringFound = true;

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