Compressing and decompressing files with BZip2 in .NET C#

BZip2 is yet another data compression algorithm, similar to GZip and Deflate. There’s no native support for BZip2 (de)compression in .NET but there’s a NuGet package provided by

You’ll need to import the following NuGet package to use BZip2:

sharpziplib nuget

You can compress a file as follows:

FileInfo fileToBeZipped = new FileInfo(@"c:\bzip2\logfile.txt");
FileInfo zipFileName = new FileInfo(string.Concat(fileToBeZipped.FullName, ".bz2"));
using (FileStream fileToBeZippedAsStream = fileToBeZipped.OpenRead())
	using (FileStream zipTargetAsStream = zipFileName.Create())
			BZip2.Compress(fileToBeZippedAsStream, zipTargetAsStream, true, 4096);
		catch (Exception ex)

…and this is how you can decompress the resulting bz2 file again:

using (FileStream fileToDecompressAsStream = zipFileName.OpenRead())
	string decompressedFileName = @"c:\bzip2\decompressed.txt";
	using (FileStream decompressedStream = File.Create(decompressedFileName))
			BZip2.Decompress(fileToDecompressAsStream, decompressedStream, true);
		catch (Exception ex)

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About Andras Nemes
I'm a .NET/Java developer living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

6 Responses to Compressing and decompressing files with BZip2 in .NET C#

  1. Emmett Prexus says:

    Usually I never lever comments around code samples on the web, but OH MY GOD this was hard to find a proper example on. Thanks a ton! Cheers from Denmark!

  2. viorel says:

    Hi Andras,
    Using this function, I get a weird behaviour. All files extracted are truncated to max size of 900k. Do you have an idea why?Thanks

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