4 design patterns to learn with C# .NET

Here come 4 well-known design patterns that I think most developers will benefit from, even those that are by nature anti-designpattern. Note that the list is biased and only shows the ones that I personally use the most often in my work.

If you don’t find the solution to your design problem here then check out the full list of patterns discussed on this blog here.

  • Adapter: this pattern helps you hide the functionality of a class which is not under your control behind an abstraction
  • Strategy: this pattern will help you with cleaning up anti-SOLID code where you check for certain properties, especially the type of an object to tweak your code. You will end up with proper objects instead of brittle switch or if-else statements
  • Decorator: if you’d like to extend the functionality of a class without changing its implementation then this pattern is something to consider. You can build compound objects by nesting decorators where the individual elements are still standalone classes.
  • Factory: this pattern will help you build objects using parameters whose values are not known beforehand. E.g. if you don’t which concrete type of an abstract class to return then hide that build functionality behind an abstract factory

About Andras Nemes
I'm a .NET/Java developer living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

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