How to add basic sounds to a .NET console application

We all know a couple of very annoying features of web sites: popups, flashing text, rotating images and the like. The good news is that there are some equally annoying features that you can add to .NET console applications: constantly changing titles, console window size and position, text size and colour etc.

In this short post we’ll see how to add a basic beep to a console app. As with the above mentioned features you should not overuse it.

The Console object has a Beep method which has a parameterless version:


It plays a short beep sound. If you’re not satisfied with it you can go for the overloaded Beep method that accepts a frequency in hertz and a duration in milliseconds. The lower the frequency value the deeper the sound:

Console.Beep(100, 5000);

That sounds like an organ.

Console.Beep(10000, 5000);

That on the other hand just sounds awful.

UPDATE: Saeid mentioned another way to produce sounds in console apps below in the comments section: the SystemSounds class.

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  1. Saeid says:

    Also it’s possible to call

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