How to send emails in .NET part 2: the MailAddress object

In the previous post on this topic we saw how to send a plain text email with the MailMessage and SmtpClient objects.

You can refine the From and To fields of the message using the MailAddress object. You can specify the email address, a display name and an encoding. Specifying an encoding is seldom necessary.

So if you’d like to joke with your colleagues then this is one option:

MailAddress from = new MailAddress("", "Your boss");
MailAddress to = new MailAddress("");
string subject = "You are fired.";
string plainTextBody = "See you in hell.";
MailMessage mailMessage = new MailMessage(from, to);
mailMessage.Subject = subject;
mailMessage.Body = plainTextBody;

string smtpServer = "";
SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient(smtpServer);

The recipient will see an email similar to the following:

Changing display name of sender

Of course they will eventually see the actual email address of the sender but they might get scared at first.

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I'm a .NET/Java developer living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

One Response to How to send emails in .NET part 2: the MailAddress object

  1. Stefan Ossendorf says:


    you can also fake the sender e-mail-address 🙂

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