Hello and welcome to my blog on various topics from the world of .NET. My name is Andras Nemes and I’m a software developer. I primarily work with .NET and Java. I mostly blog about .NET but you’ll see posts from other technologies as well. I hope you’ll find a lot of interesting topics here that you can use in your own projects.

A bit of orientation:

  • The actual blog page is found here
  • Read more about this blog and myself here
  • Short and concise code examples with little theory: The Shorts
  • Lengthy discussions providing deeper analysis and insight: The Longs
  • For technologies other than .NET check out the Other technologies section
  • For more personal questions and comments you can contact me here
  • You can find me on LinkedIn here

Upcoming topics in the ‘longs’ section – every Monday and Thursday:

Topic Est. date of first post Est. # of posts
Big Data series: Using Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Hive with C# Amazon AWS SDK Feb 16 2015 8
Big Data series: Using Amazon RedShift with the C# Amazon AWS SDK Mar 16 2015 10
Big Data series: a summary of Big Data tools in AWS we’ve learnt about Apr 20 2015 1
SOLID principles revisited with new examples Apr 23 2015 6-8

The exact ordering and dates of the topics may change.

Planned topics for 2015 for the ‘longs’ section, in no particular order:

  • Domain Driven Design: a deeper insight
  • New features in C# 6
  • HTTPS security basics
  • Security features of Web API 2

Upcoming topics in the ‘other technologies’ section – every Saturday and Sunday:

Topic Est. date of first post Est. # of posts
Various Java 8 enhancements Jan 24 2015 9
Python from the ground up Feb 22 2015 13
Building a geo-location service using Amazon DynamoDb Apr 11 2015 2
Python from the ground up continued Apr 12 2015 20

Planned topics for the “Other technologies” section for 2015:

  • Random tips and trick on Amazon Web Services
  • Using Amazon DynamoDb for geo-location services
  • Introduction to Python – a language course from the ground up

7 Responses to Home

  1. Geir P says:

    Hi Andras

    Really interesting articles you have posted.
    Especially about TDD and unit testing.

    Have you considered an article about Rx (Reactive extensions)?

    Keep up!

  2. Ivan says:

    Thank you for taking your time to write these very informative and educational posts.

  3. Sridhar Sathya says:

    Man! you have some great articles. Why not help us with an index page or a better navigation route.

    E.g. Landed to your “Messaging with RabbitMQ and .NET C# part 1” from Bing. How do I find Part 2, 3 etc.

    Managed to look for tags and then read other pages eventually.

    • Andras Nemes says:

      Hi Sridhar, thanks for your feedback. There’s a link at the end of each article like…

      View the list of posts on Messaging here.


      View the list of MVC and Web API related posts here.

      …where you can always find the related posts. Do you think it’s not enough? How would you prefer to reach the related articles?

  4. aditya says:

    hi I am not able to login using the web api 2 which uses the OAuth.Can yu tell me how to pass the parameters to the method which is hidden as you tell in the post using jquery

    • Andras Nemes says:

      Could you please clarify which post you mean now? It’s best if you ask in comments section of the post itself, not on the Home page.
      You can always check out the source code on GitHub, see the link in the top menu.

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