Joining unique values from two sequences with the LINQ Union operator

Say you have two sequences of the same object type:

string[] first = new string[] {"hello", "hi", "good evening", "good day", "good morning", "goodbye" };
string[] second = new string[] {"whatsup", "how are you", "hello", "bye", "hi"};

You’d then like to join the two sequences containing the values from both but filtering out duplicates. Here’s how to achieve that with the first prototype of the LINQ Union operator:

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Projection in LINQ C# with the SelectMany operator

The SelectMany operator creates a one-to-many output projection sequence over an input sequence. SelectMany will return 0 or more output elements for every input element. Let’s see an example.

Data source:

string[] bands = { "ACDC", "Queen", "Aerosmith", "Iron Maiden", "Megadeth", "Metallica", "Cream", "Oasis", "Abba", "Blur", "Chic", "Eurythmics", "Genesis", "INXS", "Midnight Oil", "Kent", "Madness", "Manic Street Preachers"
, "Noir Desir", "The Offspring", "Pink Floyd", "Rammstein", "Red Hot Chili Peppers", "Tears for Fears"
, "Deep Purple", "KISS"};

Consider the following code:

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Using client certificates in .NET part 9: working with client certificates in OWIN/Katana III


In the previous post we added a couple of components necessary to add client certificate authentication into the OWIN middleware chain. We haven’t yet put the elements to work though. That is the main topic of this post which will finish this series. We’ll also run a couple of tests.

Have the demo application open in Visual Studio in administrator mode.

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Converting a sequence of objects into a Lookup with LINQ C#

A Lookup in .NET is one of the lesser known data structures. It is similar to a Dictionary but the keys are not unique. You can insert multiple elements for the same key.

Say you have the following object and collection:

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Using client certificates in .NET part 8: working with client certificates in OWIN/Katana II


In the previous post we started adding the necessary OWIN-related libraries to our Web API project: a couple of NuGet libraries and the Startup class. We publish our application to the local IIS and it doesn’t allow us to break the code within Startup.cs. We’ll soon see that we can still debug the OWIN components further down the call stack.

In this post we’ll add the necessary elements to a client certificate based authentication in .NET MVC with OWIN.

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4 ways to enumerate processes on Windows with C# .NET

The Process object in the System.Diagnostics namespace refers to an operating-system process. This object is the entry point into enumerating the processes currently running on the OS.

This is how you can find the currently active process:

Process current = Process.GetCurrentProcess();

…which will yield the name of the process running this short test code.

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Converting a sequence to a dictionary using the ToDictionary LINQ operator

Say you have a sequence of objects that you’d like to convert into a Dictionary for efficient access by key. Ideally the objects have some kind of “natural” key for the dictionary such as an ID:

public class Singer
	public int Id { get; set; }
	public string FirstName { get; set; }
	public string LastName { get; set; }

IEnumerable<Singer> singers = new List<Singer>() 
			new Singer(){Id = 1, FirstName = "Freddie", LastName = "Mercury"} 
			, new Singer(){Id = 2, FirstName = "Elvis", LastName = "Presley"}
			, new Singer(){Id = 3, FirstName = "Chuck", LastName = "Berry"}
			, new Singer(){Id = 4, FirstName = "Ray", LastName = "Charles"}
			, new Singer(){Id = 5, FirstName = "David", LastName = "Bowie"}

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