Wiring up a custom authentication method with OWIN in Web API Part 5: abstracting away the auth logic


In the previous post we built the necessary OWIN components for our custom authentication logic: the middleware and the extension method that’s attached to the IAppBuilder object. We also diverged a little and discussed how to use the Use extension method to inject the necessary objects into the constructor of the middleware class.

In this post we’ll extend PinAuthenticationHandler so that the actual authentication logic can be easily changed.

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Python language basics 68: iterating over a dictionary with dictionary comprehension in Python


In the previous post we looked at a Python language construct called comprehension. We saw that comprehensions are a very concise way of iterating over a collection, applying a function to each element and adding the resulting element to a new collection. All that is declared in a single comprehension statement.

In this post we’ll look at dictionary comprehensions.

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Python language basics 67: iterating over a list with list comprehension


In the previous post we looked at a practical example using the yield keyword in Python. The function distributed an integer across a number of groups as equally as possible.

In this post we’ll look at an interesting language construct called comprehension. A comprehension in Python is a form of iteration which provides a concise and expressive way of iterating over a collection. In particular we’ll consider list comprehensions, but keep in mind that comprehensions can be applied to any iterable object, such as sets, tuples or generator functions. The delimiting element, such as curly braces for sets and square brackets for lists will determine the type of object returned by the comprehension.

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5 ways to concatenate strings with C# .NET

There are multiple ways to build a string out of other strings in .NET. Here come 5 of them.

Let’s start with the most obvious one that language learners encounter first, i.e. concatenation done by the ‘+’ operator:

string concatenatedOne = "This " + "is " + "a " + "concatenated " + "string.";

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Wiring up a custom authentication method with OWIN in Web API Part 4: putting the components to work


In the previous post we built two important components around the custom authentication logic. First off, we wrote a very simple implementation of the abstract AuthenticationOptions class where we only declared the name of the authentication mode. You can anyway add any extra property and overloaded constructors as you wish to this class. Then we built the custom authentication handler, i.e. PinAuthenticationHandler which derives from the abstract AuthenticationHandler class.

In this post we’ll add a couple more components specifically to add our authentication handler to the OWIN chain. We’ll also test the authentication logic.

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How to hide the key pressed in a .NET console application

You probably know how to read the key pressed by the user in a .NET console application by the Console.ReadKey() method:

ConsoleKeyInfo pressedKey = Console.ReadKey();
Console.WriteLine("You have pressed: {0}", pressedKey.Key);

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Implementing an indexer for your object with C# .NET

Indexers are used extensively when accessing items in an array or List:

Friend f = friends[2];

It’s fairly easy to implement your own indexer. Imagine a table with guests sitting around. We could implement an indexer to easily access guest #n.

The Guest object is simple with only one property:

public class Guest
	public string Name { get; set; }

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